Isabelle Flour

Graduated from ENSIC (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques) of Nancy (France): pioneering engineering school in the fields of chemical engineering and process engineering

PhD from the University of Lille (France): chemistry and chemical engineering – Fluidized bed combustion

Joined EDF Group in 1991

Researcher and Projects Manager in fluid mechanics field

Leader of a R&D team dedicated to multiphase flows simulations and experimentations

Since 2015, Head of the Research Department Fluid Mechanics, Energy and Environment, in EDF Lab Chatou, France:

  • 140 members including PhD’s students; 8 software platforms; 6 experimental facilities
  • Our industrial issues :
    • Nuclear safety, Performance and qualification of components, Nuclear fuel cycle, New nuclear, Renewable energy, Energy storage
  • Our main skills :
    • Modelling industrial thermal hydraulic systems in normal and extreme situation
    • Optimization of industrial processes and risks management
    • Multiscale modelling of the physics and the chemistry of the atmosphere
    • Our innovation strategy is focused on the emergence of new technologies for electricity generation and the New Nuclear