Florence Lambert

Florence Lambert joined CEA in February 2000 and covered different managerial roles linked to energy storage systems/renewable energies. From 2006 she joined the National Institute for Solar Energy (CEA-INES) and initiated the first stationary storage research platform in Europe.

From 2009 she developed CEA-LITEN’s transport division, focusing on the development/integration of two key components: lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells and played a key role in different developments in low-carbon emission vehicles in France.

Since 2013, as CEO for LITEN (1000 researchers) she currently heads a team covering different technological domains including: solar, transport, hydrogen, biomass and nano materials.

From 2013-2018, she was also in charge of the national industrial plans for energy storage, under the responsibility of the ministry of economy and the ministry of ecology.

In 2018, as she was among the ranking of 20 Most Influential Women in Renewable Energy in France, she has been heading the innovation, employment and formation committee, SER (French Renewable energy professional union).

In 2019, Florence Lambert is named Chairman of the international EUPVS Conference.