Networking Meetings

Bilateral meetings (MatchMaking) at the conference are a quick and easy way to meet new potential cooperation partners. People meet and greet in 15-30 minutes intervals which is usually enough to build connections. Conference participants are encouraged to register for networking thorough the b2match-website. The registration link for MatchMaking will be sent to participants registered to the conference.


Why to participate?

Start networking weeks before the event:
• to present, discuss and develop new projects
• to talk about concrete project ideas and innovation plans
• to initiate cross-border contacts and co-operations
• to meet and share views with other conference participants
out of your business field
• meet several promising business partners of your choice in one day and one location


In case you register for the bilateral meetings you:

• can publish your products or collaboration wishes on the website accessible for all visitors
• are able to invite other participants for bilateral face-to-face meetings at the conference
• will receive meeting requests from other conference participants