SET-Plan conferences traditionally host an exhibition highlighting important stakeholders related to the SET-Plan. Associations and project presentations related to the SET-Plan are warmly welcome to present their activities and results.

In addition to the stakeholder exhibition, also an interactive exhibition is organised: a jump-powered car racing set. Two participants at a time can race against each other by jumping on plates that generate energy for the race cars. This allows participants to explore new energy technologies in a fun way while networking at the same time.

The exhibition is now booked and the exhibitors are:





Energy ecosystems





The exhibition

The exhibition of the SET-Plan conference presents the actors, activities and results of the SET-Plan in its implementation phase. In the exhibition area, the activities and project results pertaining the key objectives of the Energy Union will be presented by showcases, videos and posters. Lunches, coffee breaks and networking events will place near the exhibition booths, making it the ideal place to network and connect.



The exhibition area will be in combination with jump car exhibition and networking area, as space conveniently accessible during the coffee breaks and dedicated exhibition.

The Finnish conference will focus on digital solutions and on decreasing material usage to promote sustainability, which is taken into account when setting up the stakeholder exhibition.


SET-Plan Conference 2019 Exhibitors by logos: